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Bankstown After hours Deputising Services

Bankstown After hours Deputising Services


What is Deputising Medical Services?

This is an after hours Medical services for an Urgent Patients on behalf of their regular doctors.


Please notice for Emergency Situations like Chest pain , Shortness of Breath, Acute loss of Balance, Inability to walk, weakness.


Please call the Ambulance on 000 or go to the nearest hospital near you.


Our doctors also can take phone calls and assess your situation over the phone and if there is a need to go to Hospital.

  • You will need to keep in Contact with your Regular GP
  • Our Doctors will send your Regular GP a letter on the same night or maximum by next morning - a letter to explain your medical condition and what medications has been prescribed to you if needed
  • This service is for urgent cases that can be managed outside the hospital like cut wounds, injuries, febrile illness, Acute Asthma management, Acute Gastroenteritis, Acute Urinery Tract infection, different age groups children, Adults & Elderly. It’s not for regular and routine follow up visits
Bankstown Services




Bankstown After hours Deputising Services


Shop 247B Bankstown Centro, North Terrace, Bankstown NSW 2200


8103 1088


8103 1099


Hours Covered:

  • Weeknights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 AM the following morning
  • Weekends from noon Saturday through to 9:00 AM on Monday morning
  • All day on Public Holidays

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